More important than the kit itself is what we do with it. The real value comes from a combination of the programming and robotic concepts with the social and learning experience. Differently from other robotic kits, MI-GO sets its goal very high, not only in the range of ages that it aims to, but also the subject and themes from its activities.

Our activities are not limited to basic coding directing the Robot from point A to point B. With the blocks as single units concept, including loops and angle blocks, MI-GO is able to build from the simplest to most complex code. And we take advantage of it by creating a very wide range of challenges, puzzles, games and lesson plans crossing subjects as different as Math to History and Biology. After several pedagogical studies and a 2 year European Project (check  these activities have been tested and refined by researchers,  teachers and students across Europe and we keep cerating more. Here is a sample, do not hesitate to ask for more (contact us)

  • Age Range (all)
  • 5-8
  • 8-12
  • 12+


Age 5-8

Environmental game

With the help MI-GO, students sort different types of waste and put it in the correct recycling bin.
Get familiar with the 3 R’s concept: Reducing, Reusing, Recycle and learn about the different types of waste and where they should be placed.


Age 8-12

Geometrical Challenge

Space is a familiar territory for MI-GO. You will help him drawing constellations using scaled cards/maps to measure angles and lengths and convert to the Mat dimensions.

Connecting Dots

Age 12+

Logic Puzzle

Variations of the same logic puzzle to master the use of loops with 9 different levels with gradual increases of complexity.

Customize your MI-GO

Color Contour


Black Thin Contour


Filled Color Contour


Empty Drawable Visor

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