Who are we?

We are a Portuguese start-up committed to create value in the education space, institutional and familiar. Our passion is technology, but only the one that brings us closer together instead of isolating and pulling further apart. A technology for the future but with the values of the past.

Daniel Gonçalves
João Queiroz
Tiago Amorim


"With the birth of my first child and working on a 4.0 Industry project, I realized that I could edge his future success by giving him the tools and skills necessary to adapt and be a contributing part of this new automated World as early as possible. Tools that I did not had access to, simply because they did not exist at the time, and are still mostly missing in the Education of our children today."
João Queiroz, Founder



  • Start-up creation
  • Functional Prototype
  • Pedagogical Validation


  • Industrial Prototype
  • Product Validation
  • European Project(Tangin)


  • Procurement 1st Batch
  • Pre-Sales
  • Production


  • Content creation (Activities & Plans)
  • Large scale Pilot (TangIn)
  • Market Launch


Be part of the next revolution in Education and contribute to a more inclusive and fun Curriculum, for students and educators, and more importantly, adapted to the challenges of the XXI century.


Prepare the children of today for the society of tomorrow, fostering early on the analitical and social skills needed for an increasingly technological, diverse and constantly changing World.



MIGO Partners

From Portugal to the World!

Everything is done locally, especially in Aveiro's region, from the materials used, going through the production, quality control, among others. Which allow us to boost the local economy, but also track and monitor each phase of the process in real time. Building blocks for the future with Local synergies and Global results.

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