MI-GO kit is a 100% tangible platform perfected for young minds, but also for parents and educators. It is extremely versatile and simple to use (only one button!). By having the programming blocks as completely independent of the robots allows them to be shared between different groups as needed, thus leveraging resources and stimulating interaction and group dynamics (and inclusion!). The unique LED feedback system, the magnet-facilitated blocks connection and the drawing and colour sensing capabilities, also enables a multi-level immersive and playful experience with their peers and the challenges presented, enhancing the social and learning experience. With NO screens!


The Bot is MI-GO’s spaceship ready to go on the next adventure!

We can program it using the blocks as a logical code

It communicates with the main controller and executes precisely the instructions in sequential order. If you fix a marker on its axis it will make any drawing you can imagine with simple algorithms.  It  also has a colour sensor that can be activated and use as IF functions (ex: when RED stop). The Bot can be customized with robot faces (find some ready to print here, and it charges via micro USB cable and has an autonomy of several hours.


The Main controller is responsible for the communication between Bot and Blocks

Sends the coding instructions to the Bot and receives feedback from it

It is responsible to read the blocks, check if everything is all right (Main LEDs) , and  start  the Bot’s execution (GO)  and follow its steps by simultaneously turning on the LED of the corresponding Block  (Feedback system).

You can pair any Main with any Bot at your choice!  To make things simple it  only has one button, but the complexity of its messages depend only on us…. make sure to double check before you press, when it GOes there is no turning back… unless you tell him to 😊.

The Main also charges with micro USB and has an autonomy of several days.

MI-GO Main Block


The Number Blocks give values to the logic commands

With blocks from 0 to 9 build any number you like for your code

They are always connected to the left of a function or angle block, giving a value to them. Any combination of 3 digit number in a single function/angle is possible. The number blocks are differentiated by their symbols, colour (orange) and position of the female and male connectors. 


Always turning 90º is boring… don’t be too square!

This block changes the 90º default rotation from the Turn functions to any angle of choice

Has to be connected to a Turn (right/left) function on its left and a number on its right or else the Bot will not execute and the Main will give an error feedback. Besides the angle symbol this block is differentiated by its yellow colour.



Standard Grid

This is our standard Mat, where every activity designed can be reproduced. It is a 6x6 grid with each square also divided in ten (for the decimal step). The material is foldable and reusable, anything can be drawn and immediately cleaned. It is also translucid allowing prints aor cards to be placed underneath to customize it for different activities

Print your own

We can send you pdf files so you can print your own Mat. For example, this cute planet illustration divided in a 5x5 grid with and without animals.

Just for you

Do you have great ideas and new challenges for MI-GO? We can help you to customize your perfect Mat and adapt to your reality. Check our 12x6 grid map of Portugal for example, that we use for geographical and historical challenges for MI-GO by crossing rivers and mountains and looking for monuments and historical site

what to do with it?

Custom made kits

Tells us your needs and we make you an offer. We have everything sorted for you.

Every kit will have the desired number of Bots and Mains and a number of Blocks associated with it. To take better advantage of group dynamics we recommend at least one Robot/Main per every 3 kids. After several pedagogical tests we also recommend an average of 15 to 18 Blocks per Robot/Main. Because of different frequency of use and simultaneous need the kits will have relatively more functions than numbers. This also leads to a multiplier effect for the Blocks in general, since the larger the kits the bigger the pool of Blocks that can be shared. We will add as many Mats you want.

Individual Kit 1[2]

Example Individual Kit

1x Bot
1x Main
18x Blocks
1x Mat

190 Eur

Example Kit 4[2]

Example Pack 4 Kit

4x Bots
4x Mains
60x Blocks
4x Mats

680 Eur

Or create your own

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