SIMO: trade show in Madrid

Between 5-7 November 2019, MI-GO attended the SIMO EDUCACIÓN fair in Madrid, the annual event that gathers the leading brands in technology and digital content for teaching in leading technological event for education professionals. The exhibition shows an important perspective of cutting-edge technological tools and solutions for educational innovation, as well as to improve teaching-learning processes.

Taking the opportunity to make the fair the official market launch, and standing shoulder to shoulder with the big boys, MI-GO made its impact: “innovative”, “ best robot of the market”, “very smart” “ I love it” “please contact me” were some a few very recurrent quotes from educators, kids, distributors or simple curious visitors that found their way in our stand. One thing is sure, those compliments were certainly not for Daniel’s beautiful eyes and Tiago’s  mesmerizing  Spanish skills.

In summary it was an outstanding event, good for business and good for the ego. We love you Madrid and MI-GO is here to stay!

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