Goodbye TangIn: Last meeting

Goodbye TangIn: Last meeting

30th of September was  the last day of activities for the partners of the European TangIn project leaded by MI-GO. Two years have passed  since we first set the goal of bringing  tangible programming to the classrooms of four different countries (and many more cultures and communities) in an inclusive way. Two years of hard work but with the satisfaction of a job well done. Time to spread the word (and the resources/results).

MI-GO is the project coordinator of Tangin, an EU funded Erasmus+ project. The 2 year project will finish with extraordinary results thanks to the involvement of all partners from Portugal, Spain, Latvia and Bulgaria involving more than 50 teachers and 600 students. You can access the project web page on

The members of the consortium  have worked together to produce a robust set of educational resources to promote and support the effective use of tangible programming tools and concepts by teachers in daily classrooms (at primary level schools) while teaching STEM-based subjects.

Googbye TangIN. Have a look at the results :

Partners: Inova+ (Portugal); University of Aveiro (Portugal); Valmieras School (Latvia), Colegio Santa Elena (Spain); Know and Can (Bulgaria); Agrupamento Escolas da Murtosa (Portugal)

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