Fabrica da Ciencia Aveiro more than a Client a New Partner

Fábrica, Centro Ciência Viva in Aveiro, a place we are now proud to be calling home!

Fábrica, Centro Ciência Viva in Aveiro is a leading institution (part of of the wider  Portuguese Ciência Viva Centres Network) dedicated to the promotion of science and technology https://www.ua.pt/fabrica/.  After presenting MI-GO to Professor Pedro Pombo (Fabrica’s director) it was immediately  understood that we share the same mission and  passion and we then knew we had to do things together. As when the knife meets the butter, with our tool and their reach and expertise, we will  giving access to programming to young kids hands and minds, but more importantly, learn with them to continuously improve and create new content. Great things to come!

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