ETH Zürich

ETH is not only looking to have some of the brightest and exceptional minds but actually trying to make those individuals less exceptional by investing in research education and early on interventions in kids to advance society.

ETH Zürich has just become our first official international client by the hands (and mind) of Professor Bernd Gärtner from the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science Empirical Learning and Instruction Research and head of the Institute of Behavioral Sciences and co-founder of the Kinderlabor initiative with the aim of reaching young learners and making disciplines such as computer science become both distributed and accessible.

ETH Zürich is considered to be, one of, if not the best, technical school in Europe and usually ranks Top 5 in the world for science and engineering. The school accounts with 21 Nobel laureates in its belt, including Albert Einstein, and has also an Institute for Research on Learning and Instruction overlooking the Alpes and Lake Zürich. MI-GO is now in good hands, the first of many building blocks for the future!

 Stay tuned and Vielen Dank lovely Zürich!

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